Buy One Towel Set and Get the Second Set 40% off No Coupon Code Needed

Buy One Towel Set and Get the Second Set 40% off No Coupon Code Needed

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American Blossom Linens Brand Promise

American Blossom Linens meticulously creates high quality USA-made bed linens that our customers can cherish for a lifetime and that our employees are proud to create.

As a family business founded in 1899, we have been taught that trust, integrity and kindness are the most important business values. We apply these principles every day and across all facets of the customer experience. The ABL brand experience is grounded foremost in love, care and respect for the customer and we express and propagate these sentiments through friendliness and sincerity in all communications across digital and traditional channels.

ABL is unrivalled as the only bed linens producer that sources American-grown organic cotton and manufactures entirely in the USA. No other producer can match the depth of our experience going back more than a century.

We support healthful communities and a sustainable environment by using organic cotton and by discouraging over consumption and textile waste: ABL bed linens are durable and age softly so they can be enjoyed longer and replaced less often. We strive to reduce our plastic waste and limit all plastic waste by producing textiles made only from natural fibers. 

Customers can purchase our curated collection directly online. We seek to inspire their trust and respect for our knowledge, experience and product quality enabling them to make faster, easier and more confident purchase decisions in a world of confusing and misleading choices.

We are enthusiastic supporters of American supply chains, American jobs and onshore manufacturing. This ethos permeates our communications and is proudly expressed by the Made in USA label on all of our products.

We are avid participants and full believers in the American Dream. We respect and cherish our employees who are experts, artists and craftspeople. We seek to pay them fairly and provide safe working conditions. Our bed linens are made by human hands and we know they bring comfort and joy.