Organic Cotton Pillowcases Sets - Made In USA

Sometimes, a small change is all it takes to make your dreams sweeter – and our cotton pillowcases can help you get the refreshing sleep you deserve. Thanks to our selection of cotton varieties cultivated over decades by family growers, each organic cotton pillowcase, made in the USA, is naturally beautiful and goes perfectly with every type of bedding and any decor scheme.

These amazing cotton pillowcases are a great way to extend the life of your favorite pillows. They also make great gifts for friends and family members since they're easier to ship than entire pillows and let you show you care without asking your recipients to give up their preferred headrests. Even better, try our Latte Linens pillowcases made with Foxfibre® organic cotton which is grown in a brown color that is environmentally friendly. With this cotton we can create longer-lasting bedding products that have richer color variations without relying on toxic dyes or heavy chemical processing.

Our organic cotton pillowcases perfectly match your standard- or king-sized pillows. We use a special weaving technique to create a durable, breathable but soft percale cloth from 100 percent cotton, resulting in a perfect sleeping surface that only gets cozier with continued use. 

American Blossom's organic cotton pillowcases, made in the USA, are machine washable and dryer-safe. When it's time to clean up, you can just throw them in the wash and kick back. 

Although it only takes a few seconds to upgrade your pillowcase to one of these superior cotton alternatives, the benefits last a lifetime. Our fabrics feel comfortable, but they're still durable enough to outlast whatever you can throw at them.