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During the pandemic we were all home a lot more. In addition to redecorating the office that I spent a lot of time in, I decided that my bathroom needed an upgrade. After reading a lot and looking at images online and of course consulting Angela from Parisienne Farmgirl and Old World Design Society (one of our favorite podcasters and bloggers), I discovered ways how to decorate your bathroom with towels that were easy and not too costly. My aim was to create my own spa with a five- star hotel look. Just changing some small decorative details can make a big difference. Properly displayed, nicely folded luxury bath towels made in the USA had a big impact.  Below are 8 ways I discovered to create a stylish, classic, sanctuary.


  1. Colors- Our brand focuses on creating products in classic styles and neutral shades that will last many, many years and work with any décor. Neutral colors, such as creamy white and natural, create a bathroom that is clean, calm and comfortable. To create interest, layer various shades of the same hue throughout the room in the flooring, vanity, rugs, walls and accent pieces. You can elevate the look of a neutral color towel by wrapping a ribbon or twine around the middle of the towel and tie it with a bow.



  1. Fold towels over a towel bar or place them on a hook- This is my go-to method as I have a fairly small bathroom. I hang multiple large towels in a row on simple metal towel bar. You can also put one large towel and several small ones together in a neat and creative way. This preferred way to display towels helps them to dry much quicker between uses.

 American Blossom Linens Towel on Towel Rack


  1. Store towels in a large cute basket -Containers like wicker baskets or neutral bins give the room a relaxed look.  Small hand towels can be individually wrapped and placed in a wicker or metal basket on the workspace of the vanity or on a shelf.  They are welcomed by guests who enjoy the luxury of a clean towel which they can toss into another basket positioned underneath or to the side of the vanity.

 American Blossom Linens Towels in Basket


  1. Drape towels over a ladder or better yet a heated towel rail- A wooden ladder filled with interesting accent pieces such as candles and neatly folded towels serves as a focal point for a larger bathroom. The novelty of the heated towel rail adds elegance to a bathroom while indulging you with warm towels.  Both options provide extra storage while giving you the opportunity to display beautiful towels.

 American Blossom Linens Towels in Toilet


  1. Open Cabinet or Vanity space- Nicely folded made in USA towels,  can be stacked according to size from largest to smallest on the top of a vanity or on any open cabinet spaces. Creating a shelf above the vanity, maximizes the unused space in that area, while providing an additional place for a towel which is within easy reach. 

 American Blossom Linens Towels on Bathroom Sink


  1. Freestanding Furniture- Using a comfy chair or nice stool, if space allows, as a means of storing soft white or neutral folded towels adds a distinct touch to the room.  The style of the chair such as modern, country or traditional can be used to frame the room style. Check out your local thrift shop for many vintage options. Roll up hand towels and use them as a pretty centerpiece on a bathroom table. Wooden, painted or metal free standing shelves in the bathroom can hold towels folded in different ways, depending on the size of the towel and or shelf, which can provide visual interest. Place decorative bottles or jars filled with bathroom essentials or pretty soaps around the towels as additional creative features. A nice piece of art above the shelf can provide color and texture.

 American Blossom Linens Towels on Stool


  1. Freestanding bathtubs-Towels can be draped over a freestanding bath, again creating a spa-like effect.  They can be used to further draw attention to the bath area, reinforcing this bathtub as a focal point in the room.

 American Blossom Linens Towels on Tub


It is crucial if you want a clean look in your newly styled bathroom, to properly and neatly fold all towels, hand towels and washcloths. 5- star hotels most often stack their towels. This is a classic and efficient way to organize towels of any size and weight on shelves. My preferred method is to place the towel on a flat surface and fold it in thirds lengthwise and then fold it in half from top to bottom and in half again. Smooth the stack and place the folded spine facing outward. Here is some expert folding advice from Better Homes and Garden.

As you can see towels provides a whole host of design opportunities that are easy, timeless and cost effective.  They can be used as a key style element which adds a distinctive touch while enhancing the overall spa at-home experience. Let me know if you have any towel ideas that you have tried.






PS- if you are really looking to impress your family or your guests you can try to make a towel sculpture.

 American Blossom Linens Swan Towels



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