A great product emerges from simplicity, great fabrics, great design and great craftsmanship. Our family puts extensive effort into perfecting these elements to make the best sheet Made in the USA of 100% USA components and 100% USA Organic Cotton. Did you know that there are 5.5 million family-owned businesses in the United States? They create nearly 78% of all new jobs and employ 60% of all workers!


We start with the fiber sourced from the an Organic Growers Co-op, a collective of organic farmers that have been farming pesticide free since the early 90's. The ginned cotton is shipped by the bale to our spinning and weaving mills in North and South Carolina where the yarn and fabric is made.


Starting with the finest American Cotton, fibers are put through a process called combing that uses fine combs to pull out the shorter fibers and impurities. The remaining cotton fibers are the longest and straightest ones which produce a much smoother and higher quality fabric. Then the fiber is made into yarn using a technique called ring spinning that wraps the fibers around like they are giving each other a big hug. It softens and straightens each fiber. The end result is a refined strong, single ply yarn that resists pilling and stays smooth wash after wash.


A percale weave which is a traditional one-yarn-over and one-yarn-under results in a very structurally sound, long wearing fabric that is resistant to pilling. It has a crisp, yet soft, feel and allows more air to pass through it, providing a 'cool' sleep on warm nights and a 'warm' sleep on cool nights. This is the same weave used in most luxury hotel bedding and the quality heirloom sheets your grandparents used.


Thread count is the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch. Not long ago sheets had thread counts of 120, 140 and 180. A thread count of 180 was considered the most luxurious. Many imported sheets have manipulated and untrue thread counts. Today, thread counts are artificially inflated because manufacturers use multi ply yarn instead of good quality traditional single ply yarn. Multi-ply construction is often used to strengthen lower grade cotton so a super high thread count can actually indicate a lower quality, weaker fabric with thicker, coarser and heavier yarn that will pop out and pill. Higher thread count does not guarantee higher quality sheets. American Blossom developed a custom fabric which is approximately 180 threads per square inch.


The most comfortable, luxurious linens utilize a pure finish which avoids the use of heavy dyes, pastes or resins. Our American Blossom pure finish is a proprietary manufacturing formula developed for us that gives our sheets a soft, crisp, fresh feel and is environmentally friendly, pure and chemical free. The fabric goes through a mechanical process to reduce shrinkage and, soften it. Another process takes away any fibers that protrude from the fabric to insure a nice smooth feel. Sheets labeled "Wrinkle-Free", "Easy Care" and "Permanent Press" indicate the fabric may have been treated with formaldehyde resin, one of the most toxic chemical fabric finishes. Formaldehyde is one of about two dozen toxins commonly found in textiles that are believed by doctors to contribute to Multiple Chemical Sensitivities(MCS).


Fine sewing results in beautiful, long lasting bed linens. For a beautiful finished appearance on all of our hems, we have increased the number of stitches per inch over and above other brands. You can rest assured that extra strong hems will never fray or come unstitched. Our fitted sheet elastic is wider and stronger than the industry standard to enable the sheets to better hug the sides of the mattress. We wrap the elastic in fabric for a clean finished look and longer elastic life. Our sewers are experts who get to know our customers' needs and personally craft each item.


Just like we carefully designed our bed sheets, we examined all of our packaging options. We wanted packaging that would protect the products during their travel time to you with the least impact on the environment. We chose a box made from 100% recycled content, made in the USA. Our US-based packaging partners have demonstrated commitments to transparent sourcing, renewable energy, minimizing resource utilization, and responsible waste management. By purchasing recycled only cartons our manufacturing plant saves 4250 trees and 775,000 gallons of water each year.


Inside our factory we have our own quality control laboratory with a staff that has over 20 years of experience. Each item is meticulously inspected by trained quality monitors before it is put in the package and shipped to you. We insure that we make only top quality products for all of our sleepers.