Buy One Towel Set and Get the Second Set 40% off No Coupon Code Needed

Buy One Towel Set and Get the Second Set 40% off No Coupon Code Needed

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Type of Sheets 5-Star Hotels Use

Why are hotel sheets so comfortable?  Who better to explain this than someone who has been selling sheets to hotels for 40 years?  I spent my entire career selling bed sheets to hotels. It was only in 2019 that we created American Blossom Linens, our direct consumer brand of Cotton Percale Sheet Sets.  If you did not know, American Blossom Linens is a brand made by manufacturer Thomaston Mills. Thomaston Mills is a family business that started in 1899 and has been making bedding for the healthcare and hospitality market for over 122 years.

To create the ultimate guest experience, operators of luxury hotels pay close attention to every detail, from amenities in the room such as the shampoo and the coffee to the cookies they give out upon registration and, of course, to the quality and feel of the sheets on the bed. It is these details that make the 5-star hotel experience. There are four main components that hotel operators look for when they purchase bedding: Fiber, Weave, Color, Construction, and Care.


Hotels look for a fiber that is durable, easy to care for, and comfortable. Overwhelmingly 5-star hotels will choose cotton or a cotton/polyester blend. Cotton is hypoallergenic, so hotel guests aren’t at risk of allergic reactions or irritated skin. Natural cotton is breathable, machine washable, and permits airflow to cool the sheets. Many properties will choose a blend of cotton and polyester which proves a bit easier to iron when using commercial ironing equipment.


Crisp yet comfortable is what every hotel guest loves about the sheets at high-end luxury hotels. Fabric made using a percale weave is overwhelmingly the top choice. What is percale? It is one of the most durable weaves produced. Thanks to its tighter weave, percale is naturally soft and crisp but resistant to tears, abrasions, and pilling. To create the weave, the yarns alternate between the vertical warp thread and the horizontal weft or fill thread. It’s like an over-and-under basket weave structured ever so tightly.


Again, overwhelmingly hotel proprietors choose white bedding. First, it goes with every décor, so redecoration of the room does not necessitate a change of the linens. Second behavioral psychologists have determined that guests associate this color with comfort and cleanliness.


If the fitted sheets do not stay on the corners or the flat sheets are not big enough to tuck in, the guest will not get the good night's sleep they expect. If holes develop after a few washes or the elastic rips off, housekeeping will have to replace bedding more often, leading to increased expenses. For such an essential part of the guest experience, it is crucial that the right bedding manufacturer is chosen, one that supplies only top-quality long-lasting products.

Care - How do hotels get their sheets so crisp and wrinkle-free?

Below are a few industry secrets.

  1. Spritz on some water. A common trick many hotels use is that once the bed has been made, housekeepers may spray a light mist of water across the top of the sheets or duvet. This helps to relax the fabric and remove any deep creases, leaving an inviting smooth surface. Simply fill a spray bottle with tap water, lightly spray it onto the wrinkle, and tuck sheets in tightly.
  2. Make your bed every morning. Sheets left in a crumpled pile are bound to become wrinkled and lose their crispness. Make your bed so you can get in a bed of wrinkle-free sheets at night.
  3. Triple sheeting. This is an age-old trick that hotels use. 5-star hotels layer multiple bed sheets for their appearance and hygiene. With this technique, you add another flat sheet separate on top of the duvet or blanket in addition to the fitted sheet and flat sheet under the duvet or blanket. Adding the extra sheet on top of the blanket creates a pristine presentation and protects the duvet or blanket, especially since it’s not being washed as frequently as the other bedding.
  4. Keep up with a cleaning routine. Hotels wash their sheets and pillowcases hundreds of times since guests constantly use them. Regular washing at hotels prevents the wrinkled, crusty feel and softens bed sheets. While it’s unrealistic to wash your bed sheets as frequently as hotels, a weekly wash will keep them looking good.
  5. Know when it’s time to say goodbye. If they are ripped, pilling, stained, worn, or generally tired, it’s probably time to invest in new ones.

I know this may seem complicated, but all you must do is try our American Blossom cotton linens because they are hotel-inspired sheets made by one of the largest and oldest hotel sheet manufacturers in the USA