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Life certainly has been stressful the past few years. We are all looking for ways to relieve our anxieties and become healthier. A good night’s sleep is top on the list of good habits of most experts. There are many factors that affect the quality of your sleep such as the temperature of the room, your exposure to electronic devices, your mattress, your bedding and, of course, your pillow. Pillows come in many shapes and are filled with many different fibers such as down, feathers, cotton, latex, foam, polyester and wool. A  wool pillow made in the USA is the way to go if you are looking for a durable sustainable non-allergenic pillow.

What makes the best wool pillow? Here are some pros and cons of wool pillows.

Pros and cons of wool pillows:

Wool provides more support than other types of fill such as cotton, feathers, down or synthetic fibers, and may even be a natural holistic pain relief choice for people with conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis or other chronic issues. Wool is also an extremely breathable fiber with natural characteristics that regulate your body temperature which allows you to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. No other fiber acts in this way. Wool pillows absorb moisture, helping you to sleep dry and restfully, while other non-absorbent pillows can cause you to wake up sweating during the night. Wool is twice as effective as cotton at moving moisture through the fabric and 10 times better than polyester. Wool also may decrease sleep disturbances and reduce sleeping heart rate.

Other attributes of the best wool pillow that contribute to its health benefits include its hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Since wool pillows are not treated with chemicals, they are safe for people who suffer from chemical sensitivities. Pillow fills that may set off allergies include: down, feathers and synthetic and polyester fills. These fibers most likely contain dust mites, mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria after only a short period of use. Wool is a perfect option for those searching for non-allergen filled pillows. Unlike synthetic material, wool’s properties are inhospitable to dust mites because wool absorbs moisture and keeps the area dry. 

Lastly wool is a very long lasting, resilient and when tested wool exceeds the durability of synthetic  fiber.  It is a natural renewable resource as sheep can grow their wool coat yearly.  When looking for the best wool pillow, look for wool that comes from small farms in the Pacific Northwest and Upper Midwest states that are known for sustainable practices like: proper grazing methods that sequester carbon, healthy veterinary practices, and no use of herbicides or pesticides in the fields or on the animals. The wool should be cleaned and carded in the USA into tiny bolus pieces that are slightly felted. Bolus is less likely to flatten giving a wonderful cushion for your head and providing the most comfortable and restful sleep. The ideal fill weight for a standard size pillow is 2.25 lbs. and a king size pillow is 4 lbs.

We promised pros AND cons of the wool pillows, but it seems we can find no cons of using a wool pillow!  Learn more about the benefits of wool here!

Tips when choosing a Wool Pillow

Additionally, there are three bonus benefits to look for when you go to purchase the best wool pillow. First, make sure the cover is made from a sustainable fabric, such as USA organic cotton, and that it is a heavy-weight durable fabric, such as a twill. Second, look for a local manufacturer who gives back to the community by making donations to environmental causes or provides support and training to workers. Third, make sure that the cover has a durable zipper. A zipper allows you to adjust the fill volume to the height and firmness you find most comfortable. (At American Blossom Linens we are happy to send pillow customers an extra 1/2 lb of wool bolus if you email

“Helping the environment, creating jobs, supporting US farms and communities and bringing a beautiful natural product to your home is a WIN-WIN-WIN for all of us !".

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Judith Meyers

Judith Meyers

January 18, 2024

Good Morning, I was pleased to see this email with necessary info in considering the purchase of Wool Pillows. This would be a considerable investment for me and I am most interested in replacing ALL of my pillows with Wool Pillows. Because of the HIGH cost for me I would have to downsize the quantity of pillows I currently have in the house…several ALL DOWN, with 2 KING, several MY PILLOW Queen size.
I will have to wait a while and KEEP an EYE OUT for an offer of discouted WOOL PILLOWS.
PLEASE advise if your pillows are encased in TWILL 100% USA Cotton as you describe BEST!
Winter Park

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