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Shopping for bath towels is an exciting and fun process. Sure, you can just go to the store and pick what you feel is soft and luxurious, but what about getting down to the finer details. How do you know what is right for you? What do you do when you’re staring at different colors, prints, and types of towels. Read our helpful guide below before getting overwhelmed and giving up. To make your towel selection process a breeze, we’ve broken down everything you need to know about choosing the perfect bath towel. This guide will cover seven essential topics - from the size and weight to how to care for your bath towels.

Let’s Talk Weight

Softer and more absorbent towels tend to be heavier and thicker, but judging a towel's weight and thickness can be tricky when you’re shopping online. An excellent way to judge this is to measure the grams per square meter (GSM). Grams per square meter (GSM) measures the density of a bath towel, and it can range between 300 and 900. The higher the GSM, the more absorbent and plush the towel. A towel between 300 and 400 GSM is a perfect light towel that dries quickly. A medium-weight towel between 400 and 600 GSM would be ideal for bringing for a picnic or a day at the beach. But if you want to go for a more uber luxurious feel, pick from organic cotton towels that are anything between 600 and 900 GSM. They will be denser and more absorbent, adding to the luxurious feel, although they may take longer to dry. Overall the top performing towels are in the 500 and 700 GSM range per Good Housekeeping

Decide On The Size

Standard bath towels from most retailers measure 27" x 52". More luxurious, thick, large towels are 30" x 60". Hand towels usually measure 16" x 30", and washcloths typically measure 13" x 13".

Dive Into The Fiber

Everyday towels are often made of standard cotton, cotton/polyester blend, bamboo, or modal. Hotels and gyms often choose towels made of cotton/polyester, which is more durable and quick to dry but less absorbent than just cotton. Some people may be allergic to modal, which is not as durable as cotton or sustainable. Chemicals used to process bamboo may be harmful to human health and bamboo towels tend to shrink more than cotton.  Per Cotton Incorporated, 4 out of 5 people prefer cotton-rich towels. The best ultra-absorbent towels are made of 100%  organic cotton and have dense, fluffy yarn loops. Not only is organic cotton naturally strong and soft, but organic farming prohibits the use of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. Therefore, toxic insecticides, herbicides, and defoliants are not used. Organic cotton towels, which are OEKO-TEX ® CERTIFIED, are exceptionally absorbent, sustainable, have superior softness, and provide undeniable comfort.

Towel Hems & Edges 

Make sure the side edges are woven selvages or strong hems. The ends of the towels should be neatly stitched. This means that a lot of handwork and craftsmanship has gone into the construction of the towel. The towel will be more resistant to fraying and last longer.

Combed and Ring-spun Construction

With combed cotton towels, the fibers are combed to remove debris and short threads so that the strongest and longest threads can be used in weaving the towels. As a result, the towels are durable and do not pill over time. Ring-spun cotton is made up of fibers twisted together to create strong and smooth towel loops. A two-ply towel is more durable than a single-ply. 

Select the Color and Style

If you love playing with colors, you can select from a wide range of trending towel colors available at almost every retailer or online store. The right towels complete a bathroom's look perfectly. If you like to play safe, go for a neutral color to set the tone.

How To Care For Your Bath Towel

One of the most common ways to make your organic cotton towels last for a long time is by taking good care of them. We recommend that you wash towels frequently in a light natural detergent as they tend to absorb a large amount of dirt and body oils. You should wash new towels in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions once before you use them to help set their color, improve their absorbency and reduce lint. Tumble dry your towels on a low dryer setting. Be careful with fabric softeners, as they may leave a residue that decreases absorbency, increases flammability, and cause stiffness. Use Dryer balls instead. 

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