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If you love the fresh feeling of cool, crisp comfort when you slip, slide or tumble into bed, you’re no doubt a fan of 100% cotton percale. When you long for luxurious hotel bedding so refreshing and smooth to the touch, you’re actually craving percale. 

If you’re a hot, heavy sleeper who likes the bedroom as cold as a meat locker, you too will enjoy cotton percale sheets. No other type of fabric permits the brisk air circulation you crave. Cotton percale releases body heat and wicks away sweat while you slumber. Synthetics like polyester, which is petroleum-based, retain heat and so can make you perspire. Read the label to be sure you’re selecting 100% cotton percale.

But what exactly is percale?
It’s simply a term that refers to sheeting material with a matte finish made of cotton fibers that are tightly woven. To create the weave, the yarns alternate between the vertical warp thread and the horizontal weft or fill thread.It’s like an over-and-under basket weave structured ever so tightly. By comparison, for a sateen sheet, three or more fill threads float over a single vertical warp thread.

American Blossom percale sheets are Made in the USA from organic cotton grown in West Texas. The cotton is combed to remove the shorter fibers leaving longer ones that produce the best quality fabric. Crispy when new, the sheets will soften with use as the cotton fibers relax and break-in.      

The best percale sheets are built to last. They are durable and remain beautiful over time without tearing, pilling, sagging, or losing their shape. Compared to synthetics and blends, breathable cotton may boast a few wrinkles once the sheets are washed and dried. A mark of their purity and authenticity. However you can send wrinkles away the easy way if you so choose

Why Choose Organic Percale Sheets
Because our sheets, crib bedding, and duvets are made of strictly organic cotton, they are the most healthful fabric against your skin and in your home. Organic material is also healthier for the farmers who raise the cotton, for the land it’s grown on, for the water sources nearby, and for the surrounding community of humans, plants ,and animals.

Learn more about our organic cotton during my interview with Kelly Pepper, head of the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative.

If you’d like to check out the look and feel of our cotton percale, please email us for a swatch in white, natural or Foxfibre® Colored Cotton. We’re so confident in the quality and comfort of our bedding that you’ll get a two-year happiness guarantee with every purchase. 

Yours in wholeness,

Janet Wischnia

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