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How do you usually choose bed sheets? By how they look or feel? By price? Or more simply by thread count? Many people rely on thread count to signify quality and comfort but it’s mainly a ploy to ply your favor.

Do you seek out cotton marked as “Egyptian” or “Giza”? Gosh I hope not because these marketing monikers are even more witchy than thread count. No US organization validates these fabrics; the fiber quality, staple length, farming methods and pesticide use are anybody’s guess.

As with all textiles, bed sheets are made of woven fibers. The type of fiber, yarn and weave are where the story of quality is revealed. 

American Blossom linens begin with the finest USA-grown cotton produced in accordance with USDA standards. We finely comb the cotton to remove the shorter fibers and impurities so the remaining fibers are long and straight. This process results in a smooth, high quality fabric.

We turn the fibers into yarn through ring spinning, which wraps the fibers together like a hug, softening and further straightening each fiber. We choose to make our yarn a bit thicker than average, which gives our bedding a modern vintage feel. The end result is a refined, strong, single ply yarn that resists pilling and stays smooth wash after wash.

While marketers want you to believe that a high thread count means a high-quality sheet, the ply is often a better indicator of quality because it tells you exactly how the yarn is made. Some crafty businesspeople weave their fabric out of two- and three-ply threads, which is one yarn made by twisting multiple shorter or weaker threads together. This multi-ply construction effectively doubles or even triples the thread count—on purpose.It’s often used to strengthen lower grade cotton resulting in sheets that are rougher, less comfortable and less durable than ones made of single ply, cotton fibers.

So a super high thread count can actually indicate a weaker fabric with coarser yarn that will pop out and pill. Meanwhile higher quality, single ply threads result in a lower thread count such as 120, 140 or 180 versus two- and three-ply sheets of 300, 500, even 800 thread counts. Thread count is not as important as the quality of the cotton and the ply of the yarns.

Finally, consider the weave. For our percale sheets, we weave the yarn over-and-under like a basket weave. It’s a “one-yarn-over, one-yarn-under” tradition that results in structurally sound, long-wearing fabric that resists pilling and feels smooth and substantial against the skin.

American Blossom sheets are durable like the bedding we make for luxury hotels and the heirloom sheets your grandparents used. They soften over time like your favorite denim shirt. Our chosen thread count of 180 improves air circulation around the body, keeping you cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

All of our bed linens consist of 100 percent cotton grown, sewn and entirely Made in the USA. There’s no more beautiful, healthful sleep for body and soul. We guarantee your happiness for two years from date of purchase or your money back.  Now that’s a promise you can count on.

Thank you Tiffani Clark for sharing your thoughts in this review.

Quality product well worth the price

From start to finish I couldn’t be more pleased. I was concerned about the thread count being much lower than I typically purchase however from the moment I opened the package I couldn’t be happier. The packaging was beautiful and obviously much thought put into it, from the hand signed thank you, laundry instructions to the sample of local herbal tea. The linens are obviously very high quality. They are softer than the 1500 thread count chain store linens, and the stitching is clearly of much higher quality. They reminded me of my grandma’s linens, crisp and soft. So happy to find a MADE in the USA product and to be able to help support our American farmers, businesses, and workers!! Everyone should own these linens.

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January 18, 2024

Just got my first set…gave them a wash and slept like a baby last night. Cool and crisp. A little wrinkled but I couldn’t care less about that. Lol. American made….I love it🥰

Esther Curry

Esther Curry

February 07, 2022

I just received my first set of American Bloosom sheets. I washed them and put them on my bed. The word I love to use to describe them is “crisp”. They truly remind me of climbing into my bed as a little farm girl and feeling the cool sheet that my mama had taken off the outside clothes line that afternoon. I love my 100% USA made sheets. Definitely worth the money. I feel that with all the craziness going on in our nation and the world, sometimes I don’t know what to believe or what I can do to make things better. I do feel that one thing I can do for my nation is to make an effort to buy USA made products. I have to seek out producers, but I am seeing more availability. Your product may cost more, but the quality is unsurpassed and your product will be long lasting. Let’s get behind our people and our US entrepreneurs. They are some true heros.Thanks American Blossom!



November 29, 2021

Would love to try these, look so comfy!!

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