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A good day begins with a good night’s sleep. And a good sleep begins with a comfortable, relaxing environment including healthful organic cotton sheets. American Blossom sheets have a substantial, even weighty feel, and a crisp, delicious freshness against your skin.

Bedtime is the right time to stretch out, settle down, snuggle in, and cuddle up. Relax deeply into the richness of our percale sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers. Feel enveloped in the woven heft of pure, organic cotton—we never use cotton grown with insecticides or herbicides and we never spin or weave with the addition of toxic chemicals. Yes it can be a bit more difficult to produce cotton and cloth this way, but your deep, healthful sleep is worth it.

In fact, we consider it part of our mission to help you and your loved ones experience delightful, delicious and restful sleep. The quality of your day depends on it.

But we’re not content just to delight your body. We hope as well to appeal to your soul. That’s why our linens are completely, entirely, 100% made in the USA. We’re the only bed linen brand in America that’s all American made.

I’ll blog again soon to tell you more. In the meantime, sleep beautifully and sleep well.




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