Home and Living

For beautiful home and laundry products made in the USA, browse American Blossom’s home and living collection.

Make laundry day a pleasure with our attractive 100% wool hampers woven to last. In houndstooth or two-tone design, these natural and eco-friendly hampers look great in any utility or laundry room. They’re lightweight and portable, too, easier than lugging a wooden hamper around.

Want to speed up the drying process? Throw a few of our US-made wool balls into your dryer to save energy, enhance drying and soften your bedding. They’ll last for up to 1000 laundry loads and can be stored in the cute cotton drawstring bag between washes. They are a simple solution that saves you the expense and waste of disposable dryer sheets. Try scenting them with a drop or two essential oils to bring a unique freshness to your load.

Our exquisite wooden drying racks are hand-made by Amish craftspeople in Lancaster County, PA. Made from natural and unfinished maple, they are heavy-duty but easily folded for storage. Available in four sizes, each rack can hold up to 200 lbs. of clothing.

We recently partnered with a local candlemaker to create a group of 100% American soy wax candles. We’ve created three aromas: Just Peachy (with citrus and vanilla, too), Tea Time (lemon, bergamot, and white tea), and Fresh Linen (cotton blossom, linen, and sandalwood). Now you can have that laundry day freshness all week long!

You’ll also find t-shirts and tote bags in our collection too. Help spread the American Blossom message of 100% US-made, organic cotton, eco-friendly, and hand-crafted products that are made to last.