Organic Cotton Pillows and Inserts - Made in USA

You lay your head on your pillow every night (and sometimes during the day), so why settle for anything less than supreme comfort? American Blossom's organic cotton covered pillows are more than just comfy, they're extremely long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and even customizable!

Our high-quality organic cotton covered pillows are filled with wool from sheep raised in the Pacific Northwest and Upper Midwest states. We fashion every outer case from a heavy weight durable yet soft twill weave fabric made from organically-grown, low-environmental-impact domestic cotton, grown right here in the US. We work with a non-profit to fabricate and sew our covers, creating jobs and supporting housing services for disabled individuals – so you can sleep well knowing you're doing something positive just by catching Zs.

Every American Blossom pillow is filled with wool produced from sheep raised responsibly in the US, and thanks to our smart processing, you can adjust your pillow by removing or adding wool filling. Why not ditch the lumpy polyester filling for an environmentally friendlier, sounder sleep?

No matter whether you're a side-sleeper, prefer dozing on your back, or simply need better support for your neck, head, and shoulders, we've got organic cotton covered pillows made in the USA for you.

Make your bed more comfortable, grab one for nap time, or outfit a guest room to keep your visitors looking forward to the next family gathering. Pick your American Blossom pillow to sleep better and wake up more refreshed.