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Bedmates Get Relief from the Sheet Stealer

Name the places where you feel coziest and I’ll bet that one of them is your bed…tucked in on a chilly night all snuggly with a bedmate (person, pet or both). Or lying atop cool, crisp bedding on a sweaty hot night with a breeze traversing your skin. Or curled up and nodding off with a device on your lap, drifting gently away from the pressures of the day.

Ah yes, the bed. Respite, refuge, play pen for families. Hot zone, chill-out zone, Do Not Disturb zone. Not so secret den for napping pets.

Sleep is meant to rest and renew. It’s a time to heal, repair and grow. It’s essential for life. Is sleep a better experience when shared with a bedmate? That depends on your personal situation including the slumber habits of your bedmate if you have one. 

There’s a reason why I chose to make American Blossom flat sheets wider than average. It’s because I truly appreciate a warm tushy in bed. Not just mine (who likes feeling cold?) but for the sake of my husband, Eric. You see, I’m a sheet stealer. I can’t help it. Most nights I roll up in the covers like a mummy. Like a pea in a pod. Like a moth in cocoon. Bigger sheets can cover more of both of us, so Eric gets to have a warm tushy too.

As it turns out, my proclivity to steal the sheets is anything but rare. Last month we conducted an entirely nonscientific poll of American Blossom customers to discover how many of us sleep with a sheet stealer or admit to being one ourselves.

Lo and behold, almost three-quarters (74%) of respondents do indeed sleep with a sheet stealer, most of whom (we presume) are human, while a few singled out their nestling pet. One-quarter (25%) admitted to being the sheet stealer themselves. Though more studies need to be done, it appears that sheet stealing is clearly a norm.  

Is sheet stealing a big problem for bedmates? Almost two-thirds (61%) said they could deal with it. Of course, the folks we polled are American Blossom customers so they’re already enjoying wider, more generously sized sheets and, I hope, warm tushies. Our crisp, comfy, organic percale sheets may lead to better sleep overall.

Dog sleeping on a bed made with American Blossom Linens Organic Cotton Sheets made in the USA

Why some sleepers steal the sheets is more of a mystery. Among causes we suggested, 41% identified restlessness as the reason followed distantly by craving warmth (28%). Some thought stealers stole to feel more secure (23%) but almost as many (20%) had no clue why it happens. A few (almost 9%) pointed to their four-footed bedmate and said hey, it’s a pet, they do what they do. Finally, a mere 4% of bedmates thought sheet stealing was a substitute for snuggling. Clearly when one bedmate is cocooned in the covers, it’s typically not for want of affection, be it by person or pet.

No matter your tendency to snuggle, cocoon, chill out or warm up in bed, American Blossom organic sheets are generously sized to fit your most beautiful sleep. Knowing they are 100% grown, sewn and Made in the USA of healthful, organic cotton may help soothe even the most spirited sheet thief in the coziest corner of your world.

Janet Wischnia

Thank you, Marianne, for sharing your thoughts in this review.

Best Sheets Ever!

I am so happy I saw your article in The Philadelphia Inquirer. I like supporting local businesses and especially Made in the USA. These are by far the BEST sheets I have ever owned. With the newer mattresses that are thicker, the bottom sheet fits perfectly. The top sheet is longer on all sides, so it stays tucked in at the bottom of the mattress. I also like the fact that the top sheet is longer on the sides so that there is plenty and I don’t feel short sheeted. They wash nicely and are very comfortable. I would definitely buy again and again. This is a great product.

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