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When Baby is on the way there’s so much to consider and do, especially if it’s your first. The task of choosing, shopping, and ordering all the right stuff is exciting at first, tiring and can be a bit stressful too. No doubt you want the nursery to be ready for the big day—to be clean, cheerful, and most of all, healthful. With everything set (or mostly so), then you and your family can focus on the love, joy and care that is unique to this very special time.  

As the mother of three grown children and five grandchildren, I’m so familiar with the anticipation, joy, workload, and worry that accompanies the arrival of each treasured new baby. If there’s one thing none of us need think about any longer, it’s finding the most healthful, comfortable, durable bedding to lay your baby down to rest. That’s why we created organic cotton crib sheets Made in the USA.

Our fitted percale crib sheets, like all our bed linens, are crafted from sustainably grown organic cotton raised in West Texas. We use the longer, higher-quality cotton fibers to create sheeting material that is cut to the just the right size and sewn with care by our experienced team in Georgia. We always use extra wide elastic for a smooth, secure fit plus “Top or Bottom” labels sewn on the inside edge to help you change the sheets quickly and easily even at 0-Dark-30.  

There’s just no finer and more healthful crib sheets for babies to lay upon during those thousands of hours they will sleep, dream, and grow.

While we may coo, ooh and aah at the cuddly-cute sheets printed with baby elephants, sweet little lions and the like, do be sure to read the labels. These charmers may be less healthful, less durable, and far less sustainable for the earth. Polyester blends and microfiber fabrics are certainly not organic. They shed microscopic particles into the wastewater when you do the wash. They don’t breathe as well as pure cotton and won’t keep Baby as comfortable as a result.

Sheets of thinner material than our luxurious organic percale will never be as durable and dependably long lasting. Sheets with seemingly impressive, high thread counts too often mean that the fibers used are shorter and weaker so many more of them are needed and twisted together to create a viable yarn. It won’t approach the quality of cotton like ours.

The baby elephant and little lion prints will fade with each washing while American Blossom crib sheets will simply soften over time and stay true to their natural, never dyed color. Our crib sheets will be a reliable, long-lasting investment to comfort each of your babies. Or pass them along to a friend who values sustainability.

By choosing fabrics that will look good and last, we can reduce the massive amount of textile waste piled in landfills here and in the developing world. Since all American Blossom bedding is Made in the USA, we enormously reduce the carbon footprint compared to goods shipped from far-flung parts of the world. Just as importantly, we help keep manufacturing jobs right here at home.

The safe and comfortable cribs where babies lay to sleep and the future of the planet they will inherit matter as much to me as anything I can think of. These truths are interwoven at American Blossom; I truly believe we offer the best organic cotton crib sheets you can buy. By choosing our Made in the USA bedding, together we help sustain our planet for the very newest generation.

May your babies grow strong in healthfulness and love.


Janet Wischnia

PS- on 9/24/21 my fifth grandchild was born and loves our crib sheet

Baby laying on an American Blossom Linens Organic Crib Sheets

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