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2020 has been a quite year for many, so we thought we would have a bit of fun and brighten the day for one lucky winner.  We asked all aspiring poets to write and submit a short poem about American Blossom Linens and we entered them into a giveaway for a free set of Natural or White sheets.

We asked that the poem talk about one or more of the wonderful qualities of our bedding, for example that it is Made from Organic Cotton or Made in the USA or is soft and generously sized. The winner would be the person who wrote the nicest or funniest original poem as decided by the American Blossom associates.

We saw poems from the heart, poems with humor and everything in between.

Congratulations to our winner Amy Crist from Toms River, NJ, chosen by our American Blossom associates.

Amy’s poem is featured in our new blog post plus two poems that I’m sharing as honorable mentions. To each of our poets, I hope you had fun. And to all: I hope you enjoy reading them.


Winner- Amy Crist Toms River, NJ

American Blossom Linens


A design so timeless, craftsmen profess

American Blossom

You are my bed’s favorite dress


Drying on the line, sunlight threwn

American Blossom

One cannot be wrapped in it too soon


Organic, Pure, Chemical Free

American Blossom

Crisp, Cotton Linens; Heirloom Quality


Deep Pockets, Top to Bottom, Side to Side

American Blossom

Made in the U.S.A.; immense pride


Awaiting the moment to lay down my head

On American Blossom

Homespun Textile, Farm to Bed


Honorable Mention – Alex Harrison Gulfport, MS

If you want sheets for your bed

Therein lies a sleepy head

With American Blossom

You needn’t worry about your bosom

They’ll provide you with great quality

You need not worry about frivolity

And they are made in the USA

Hooray, for American Blossom


Honorable Mention – Corwin Byran Spokane, WA

In full costume she cried "Trick or treat!"

But was shocked when her dear mother shrieked

At the flowing white folds

And two new-cut eye holes

In her priceless new ABL sheets.

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