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As these hard and heartbreaking days of COVID-19 drag on and news outlets announce the numbers like the countdown to a rocket launch, life as we’ve known it has entirely changed.

We are forced to create new routines and new ways of being. We are reordering our lives with greater austerity in mind. The specter of illness, death and loss weighs upon the world and our souls. Many people are in isolation and longing for human comfort. Others are surrounded by family and longing for a break.

Some people have rediscovered quiet joys, like taking a walk, planting flowers, or doing a puzzle. Others go from screen to screen, working or seeking distraction, entertainment, community, news and solace.

Many are afraid to think about tomorrow. Will we escape the sickness? Will we have the financial means to get by? Will the economy rebound? What about the job market? What will become of the restaurants we enjoyed, the shops and small businesses we counted on?

Here at American Blossom, we employ dozens of people at our USA manufacturing plants in Georgia and South Carolina and our offices in Pennsylvania. Like people everywhere, our emotions today are mostly sad and worried. But we’ve chosen to lean into these difficult times and work harder than ever to earn your trust and your business.

There’s never been a greater need for ample sleep that restores the body and refreshes the mind. Sufficient sleep is essential for good health including a well-functioning immune system. Our crisp, organic cotton sheets will help you sink into a restful, beautiful sleep. And because they are made in the USA, you’ll be supporting farms, small business and jobs here at home. There has never been a better time or reason to invest in durable, comfortable, well-made sheets that are proven to fit all of the most popular mattress brands. 

When worries keep me up at night or greet me in the morning, I actively practice the habit of gratitude. I think of a few things to appreciate in that moment in time and jot them down in a bedside journal. Even on the hardest days when it seems that every sphere of my life is imploding in some way, I always find something to be grateful for. Simple stuff like chocolate, music, and stinky kisses from my dog that make me laugh. Big stuff, like people I love. Employees I admire. Heroes who sacrifice to keep us healthy or free.

Although COVID-19 has changed the world at least for now, I choose to consider how much can still be good. I ask my children and grandchildren to appreciate their blessings—and literally to count them. I ask my coworkers to support each other through simple kindness, empathy, or humor. I ask my friends to support the small businesses that meet our needs and enrich our communities. And to our valued customers, my humble suggestions:  Be mindful, be playful and sleep beautifully.

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