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In these unprecedented times where many things are uncertain, it is important to prioritize what’s best for you and your family. No place provides stability quite like your home. Perhaps you’ve moved to remote work, spending more time in the house than ever. It is vital you keep your interior as comforting as possible and there is no better way of improving your surroundings than using quality products that are good for you and the environment. Many brands use organic cotton to make bedding, but we are the only ones using USA organic cotton.

Is organic cotton really better? You may have heard the word ‘organic’ thrown around a lot. Maybe you’ve even started to tune it out. Not only is organic cotton naturally strong and soft but organic farming prohibits the use of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. Therefore, toxic insecticides, herbicides, and defoliants are not used. Organic cotton farmers in the U.S. utilize mechanical cultivation and hand weeding to control weeds and wait for a hard freeze to defoliate the cotton plants to allow the open cotton bolls to be mechanically harvested. A large majority of organic cotton is rainfed, which reduces pressure on local water sources. Techniques and methods used by farmers include crop rotation, cover crops, conservation tillage, compost and manure. With USA-grown organic cotton, you can be confident you’re getting the highest quality for your money.

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Why Choose Cotton Made in the USA?

The USA is the only country to test 100% of its cotton bales. Every piece of cotton is traceable back to where it was grown, meaning it has verified quality and origin. The same can’t be said for imported cotton. In its grading operation, the cotton classing service tests a sample from every bale produced using cotton classification electronic instrumentation. These instruments measure several fiber properties, including: color reflectance (color grade), micronaire (combination of fiber fineness and maturity), fiber length, and fiber strength.

Using USA organic cotton means you can be sure of its quality. Thinking about all the places where you use cotton in the home, you want to guarantee you’re choosing the best option available. For example, in the bedroom alone. You need duvet covers, sheets, pillowcases, blankets and pillows.

A good sleep leaves you productive and ready to face the day. If you need that precious rest after a long day’s work, investing in organic cotton pillowcases will have you well rested due to their softness and comfort. As USA organic cotton lasts a long time, you get more use out of the pillowcases; no need to replace them quite so fast. When you have young kids costs can add up quickly when you constantly have to replace things. Fortunately, an investment in USA organic cotton can last even the strongest of pillow fights.

It doesn’t end with the pillowcases, however. Our organic cotton sheets are crafted to last you just as long. Our eye for quality goes beyond just durability, though. We understand aesthetics are just as important, so each sheet is designed with extra width and length to ensure a clean tuck, making the bed look tidy.

Of course, the most essential part of a bed is its comfort. There is nothing better than lying down after a long day with a nice, cozy comforter covered with a USA organic cotton duvet cover.

If you were still wondering why USA organic cotton is better, it’s not just comfortable for the home but also good for the environment. Being Made in the USA means the products don’t travel the approximately 8000 miles on cargo ships that pollute the ocean. Additionally, since you have to replace USA organic cotton less often, it means less waste in landfills. They’re not just better for you but for the planet as well.

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