Homesteading Family

Homesteading Family is one of the top homesteading Youtube channels today. Created by Josh and Carolyn, who after experiencing the city life, decided to pack up their bags and move to the country 15 years ago. Now living on a thriving 5-acre homestead, Josh and Carolyn share their wealth of hard-earned knowledge and experience to inspire and help others to make healthy changes and become more self-sufficient.

Josh and Carolyn Recommend

Classic American Made Organic Cotton Sheets

Created for you, the sleeper, our sustainable, luxurious, locally made sheets are crafted lovingly by experts who have been making bed sheets for over 115 years. We used our extensive experience to create the perfect fabric which is a balance between delicate, soft and breathable. Our Classic Sheets are made with 100% West Texas Organic American Cotton and get softer with every wash. Made with a percale weave, they are woven to last a lifetime, provide a great feel to your skin and give a unique sense of style to your bedroom.

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American Blossom Linens Classic American Made Organic Cotton Sheets

American Made Organic Cotton Duvet Cover Set

Our extensive 115 year history creating bed linens and dedication to quality construction have made our collection of luxury duvet covers an American favorite. The distinct texture and durability is always obvious, and our bedding offers dreamy versatility. Our duvet sets are made 100% in the USA with organic cotton and a percale weave for breathable, cozy comfort. Luxuriously soft and woven to last a lifetime.

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 American Blossom Linens American Made Organic Cotton Duvet Cover Set

American Made Organic Colored Cotton Sheets Dye Free

Latte Linen bedding is made with a base fiber of natural West Texas organic cotton. It is combined with Foxfibre® Coyote Brown heirloom cotton. Foxfibre® is organically grown in a rich color which is integral to the fiber itself. Not a drop of artificial dyes is needed to make these bed sheets beautiful. Dyed fabrics start to fade after a few washings but the color of Foxfibre® will bloom deeper and richer over time. Also, the more you use it and wash it, the touch will grow ever softer. The natural variations in the fiber cause each set of bedding to be as unique as the plants it comes from. This creates a fabric that has the look of linen and the performance of the most luxurious, percale bedding.

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American Blossom Linens Classic American Made Organic Cotton Sheets
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