Organic Bath Towels - Made in the USA

Enjoy a bath or shower with a luxurious conclusion you will look forward to, wrapped up in a natural 100% organic cotton towel. At American Blossom linens, we believe in offering both practicality and luxury. Our made-in-the-USA towel sets are fluffy and high-performance, drying you easily in moments, with reliable comfort and warmth.

Luxuriant and oversized, our bath towels bring five-star hotel standards into every home. These 700GSM towels and washcloths feel delicious against the skin and air-dry quickly too. They are made from 100% USA organic cotton from Texas and manufactured in Georgia sustainably in an eco-conscious mill that boasts the motto Weaving a Better World®, a message we fully endorse.

They won’t fray or tear and are entirely free from synthetic dyes, OEKO-TEX ® certified, in fact. Our organic cotton towels are fully machine washable and dryable, too, great for even the busiest household. Comparing them to mass-produced imported towels, the difference in quality is apparent.

Here’s the science! Our brilliant white or beige towels use ring-spun combed loops for maximum softness against your skin. They are the perfect combination of age-old weaving tradition and cleverly designed functionality.

We offer towel sets and separates. Each towel set includes two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths and is 20% less than the cost of buying them individually. Whether your household is large or small, we have a combination for you. Choose between white and warm beige and bring luxury to every bath time. Our towels are like a warm and cozy embrace you’ll be happy to indulge in!