5 Reasons Why Sheets Made From Organic Cotton in the USA Make a Great Wedding Gift

5 Reasons Why Sheets Made From Organic Cotton in the USA Make a Great Wedding Gift

July 30, 2019

Every couple needs a good set of sheets to start off a good marriage. As a wedding guest you can help the couple start out on the right foot by giving a gift that will contribute to a good marriage and a good life.

Wisdom from a 37 year married grandma:

I have been married almost exactly the same number of years I have worked at our family textile business. I struggled in college to decide on a career path and my husband convinced me to give the family business a try. Now 37 years later, I have 3 children and  3 grandchildren and am still in love with my husband and love working everyday in our business. I have attended many wonderful weddings and planned two of them for my two oldest children. Because I wanted to create a product that we would love to sleep on in our own house, I created American Blossom Linens, a bedding brand made completely in the USA at our family owned factory  in Thomaston Georgia from 100% USA cotton grown in West Texas. 


As a wedding guest you can help the couple start out on the right foot by giving a gift that will contribute to a good marriage and a good life. Here are 5 reasons the gift of beautiful, comfortable, sustainable sheets can help build a strong and healthy marriage.


  1. Good sleep leads to better mental health. Better mental health makes it easier to connect and give everyday. According to a good marriage requires connection, commitment, giving, respect, trust and intimacy. Alone time together is important for every couple especially if you have young children. The blog ParentMap recommends building “couple’s time” into your schedule. It can be as simple as spending 20 minutes relaxing, talking or snuggling with your spouse. My husband and I enjoy a good cup of coffee every morning in bed when we wake up before we go off to work. What is better than the feeling of your bed as an oasis, thanks to soft, cozy, luxurious sheets?
  2. When you give a gift, it feels good to do some greater good. At the same time you honor and bless the new couple why not help out your fellow americans.  Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics between 1990 and 2016 there were a total of 516,000 jobs lost in the textile industry. About 650 textile plants closed between 1997 and 2009. The textile sector collapsed, many Americans lost their jobs, towns were devastated and a waive of exploitation began globally. Our family company has been making bedding in Georgia since 1899 despite the fact that virtually all of our competitors moved overseas. Our partners are located in South Carolina, North Carolina and Texas. Check out this map to see where you are helping to maintain and create jobs. Also we make a donation to the Manufacturers Education Foundation (MEF), an affiliate of the Georgia Association of Manufacturers (GAM), a trade organization which has advocated in support of the State’s manufacturers for 118 years
  3. Support a minimalist and zero waste life. One trend that has been growing quickly especially with millennials who are the majority of the newly married couples, is minimalism and zero waste living. The average American now generates 82 pounds of textile waste each year according to the movie The True Cost. Bloggers such as Kathryn Kellogg from Goingzerowaste talk about carefully considering your purchases and choosing items that you can use over and over again. Items that will last. American Blossom sheets are made with heavier, durable fabric, sewn with more stitches per inch and thicker stronger elastic on the fitted sheet to produce a quality product. Quality means standing behind what you make so we have a 2 year return policy as part of our happiness guarantee. On top of that, our sheets are woven to last a lifetime, which adds up to a huge savings for the new couple, who won’t have to replace their sheets every few years. For more hints on having a Zero Waste Wedding check out Kathryn’s blog
  4. Help the newlyweds be more environmentally conscious. The United Nations estimates that 10 percent of total global emissions come from the textile industry. Polyester fabrics, when washed in domestic washing machines shed plastic microfibers which make their way into oceans. The materials used for wood based fabrics such as bamboo rayon and modal contribute to deforestation.  According to La Rhea Pepper managing director of the Textile Exchange,in addition to using growth regulators, defoliants and petroleum-based fertilisers, conventional cotton was also accountable for using 25% of the pesticides. See information about organic cotton. Don’t you think every couple should have a bed with comfortable, soft eco friendly bedding made from organic cotton? For more eco-friendly wedding tips check out USA Love List.
  5.  Bring quality items into the couples  life. American Blossom bedding grows softer and better over time just like a good marriage. According to Dr Paul Amato of Penn State University and Dr Spencer James of Brigham Young University in their study “Changes in Spousal Relationships over the Marital Life Course ” marital quality actually improves over the years for couples who don’t split up.   When couples stick together through difficult times, remain faithful to one another and actively work to resolve problems positive long term outcomes are common. 


Every couple needs a good set of sheets to start off a good marriage. Check out all of our products here.