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Three Big Reasons to Choose American-Made

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light for many Americans the downsides of manufacturing moved offshore. Today most goods we purchase are produced thousands of miles away where companies capitalize on cheaper costs for labor and fewer concerns for worker safety and clean air and water. From 2001 to 2019 the United States lost 4.3 million manufacturing jobs and 80,000 factories closed during a similar timeframe. (See The State of American Manufacturing 2019.)

Manufacturing jobs and supply chains moved outside the United States have strengthened foreign economies but widened the wealth gap here at home. The COVID-19 pandemic even showed how America’s reduced manufacturing base presents a risk to health and safety, for example when personal protective equipment for health care workers and EMTs was in drastically short supply.

At American Blossom Linens, we’ve bucked the offshore trend. We live here, work here, invest and pay taxes here and employ dozens of people at our plants in South Carolina and Georgia. Our goal is to create for you the most comfortable, healthful and long-lasting organic cotton bed sheets made right here at home. As you sleep beautifully in our home grown and sewn percale sheets, you can sleep peacefully knowing you’re supporting a small business and good jobs for American workers.

You the consumer hold the power of the purse. Each purchase you make is like a vote for a particular brand, product, and country of manufacture. We’re consumers too, so we know it is basically impossible to find Made in the USA products for all that we buy. But sometimes there is a choice so we’d love to remind you how much it truly means to buy American made. Here are our Three Big Reasons:

  1. Jobs, jobs, jobs. Good jobs and plenty of them are simply fundamental to the financial security of families and the prosperity of a nation. Because we’ve lost so many well-paying manufacturing jobs in America, it’s important—and a blessing—to support the companies who’ve chosen to keep jobs here. You can even encourage your favorite brands to re-shore their manufacturing operations back to America.
  2. A stronger economy and a more secure, self-reliant nation. Prosperity at home, investments made and taxes paid in America. The capacity to create the products we need and use, now and in the future. Increased independence from the vagaries of international affairs. These advantages have gained a renewed focus during difficult times and periods of unforeseen demand as we’re experiencing now. 
  3. Ethical and sustainable production. Employers that pay living wages and abide by good practices for worker health and safety. Natural and organic products that foster healthful lifestyles. Reduced use of artificial ingredients and pollutants. Adequate protection for air and water. A smaller carbon footprint when raw materials and finished goods are created closer to home.

When you support American manufacturing and Made in the USA products, the power of your purse creates a more prosperous and resilient nation. America is part of our name and identity. We value our employees, our neighbors and the frontline workers who keep us healthy, safe and free. We stand for a strong, independent and vibrant nation. We work hard to keep good-paying jobs here at home.

Our mission is to bring you the best organic cotton bed linens at a fair price while supporting the well being of our employees and community. With deep gratitude for your support we will continue to meet this promise. I encourage you to hold us accountable and ask for no less from the many other brands you purchase and trust.

3 Responses

Deanna Schwartz

Deanna Schwartz

May 02, 2022

Sheets, pillowcases, blankets plus wool dryer balls have all brought quality comfort to our home. Buying these items from American Blossom is my way of supporting American-made plus at the same time I enjoy knowing that my family is protected by USA standards. I am thankful I found these products that are totally American made from the cotton grown in America to the finished products produced in USA plants where high standards are met and employees are appreciated.

Cathy Jardine

Cathy Jardine

February 07, 2022

I want to shop American!! I know I will love your sheets.

Pat Edmonson

Pat Edmonson

November 12, 2021

Looking forward to seeing other products you will be producing. Hopefully there will be luxurious towels soon. Have been trying to shop products made in USA. Thank you so much for keeping your company and employees here.

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