No More Fitted Sheet Folding Frustration

May 20, 2021

American blossom linens sheets stacked on shelves.

If you like to keep an orderly and neat-looking linen closet (or even if you don’t), I’ll bet you’ve gotten frustrated when trying to fold a fitted sheet.

Maybe you’ve given up and just balled up the sheet and stuck it on the shelf. Or put it back on the bed, which is a fine plan unless you prefer to rotate your sheet sets and use different ones.

Neatly folding a fitted sheet is actually easy once you know how.   



American Blossom sheets are the only organic cotton bed linens Made in the USA. Breathable, comfortable and durable to last for a generation. They get softer each time you wash them and feel fresh against your skin. Choose the beautiful, healthful choice for earth, hearth and home.

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